June 24-25 Sullivan, MO Bulls ($1,000 added each night)& Barrels ($250 added each night) at the Meramec (NFPB)

May 27th-28th Shoe Sensations PBR/ Evansville, IN- The Ford Center $40,000 added

September 17th Carmi, IL Boots Bulls & Country Music (NFPB) Bulls ($2,000 added & Barrels ($250 added)

July 22nd Montgomery City, Mo (Montgomery County Fair)

​Bulls & Barrels- NFPB sanctioned. $2,000 added bulls &  $500 added barrels

​June 4th Jasper,IN BULLS & BARRELS ​(NFPB) $2,000 added (Bulls) $250 added (Barrels)

August 3-4 Washington, MO  Bulls, Barrel racing & FreeStyle Bullfights (NFPB Sanctioned )

$6,000 added in the Bullriding, $2,000 added Bullfight and $500 added in the barrel racing  

Lets Get Rank!!!!

June 18th Marion, IL Bulls at the Ballpark PBR

$10,000 added 

September  9th-10th Eureka, MO- Brookdale Farms Cowboys in The Corn

Bulls & Barrels  (NFPB Sanctioned)

$2,000 added each night in the Bullriding & $500 added in the Barrels each night

July 27th Owensville, MO (Gasconade County Fair) NFPB

$1,000 added in the Bullriding & $250 in the Barrel racing